BADIALA.MK – ALL PROMOTIONS IN ONE PLACE! is the first and only application that hunts all retail promotions in markets and drugstores throughout Macedonia. Knowing in real time which items are on discount, you save money with Simply, with one click on the product you add it to your shopping list, and with a click on <3 you add it to the list of favorites. will watch out for you and inform you when and where that product is on promotion. You can save your shopping list and use it when shopping or share it with other family members.

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Our Mission



  1. First, at a time when every denar counts, we help people save money through a simple way by using the app.

  2. Second, we help markets and drugstores to correctly decide on their promotion and discount products.

  3. Third, we help distributors and importers to correctly decide when and where to put their product on discount or promotion. is a green application, carbon neutral, which uses minimal energy resources and helps preserve the environment. Paper promotions and flyers often contain outdated information, are difficult to search, are not personalized, pollute the environment, and are mostly used to roll ajvar jars in the cellar. We offer a digital experience on a smartphone platform that you hold in your hand while shopping.


Our Story

The idea for was born a few years ago, but the official one started in the spring of 2022. It was then that woman sent her husband on a weekly shopping trip with a strict list of products and markets and drugstores where to buy them, because she was aware that detergent was the cheaper in one market and cooking oil in another. When the man returned home, they compared the receipts and saw that when they purchased the discounted and promotional products, they saved up to 30% on the purchase. Oops! In order to make the most of the promotions in an easy way, they decided to create an application that will help them with that. was born and peace prevailed at home.


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